Sunrise lamp

A street lamp at sunrise

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Bits of Budva.

Budva is another town in Montenegro. I find it difficult to like this town. Taking photos of it is just as difficult.
boats on the water

Chasing after touristic and financial interests Budva lost its identity and logic, acquiring chaotic angles and hectic patterns. When I saw bits that made sense, I took photos of those.
a little palm tree in front of yachts

This hangs from a ceiling of a cafe.

a photo of a cafe

a street with shadows leading to the sea

A little batman and a big wave.
a huge wave crashing in front of a boy wearing batman swim suit

Yours truly,
a photo of a photographer's reflection

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Oleander walk.

When the Sun is setting, and the air stops hissing with heat, I can lift my camera and take some shots.
a photo of a road with cars and oleander and sunset light

These are Oleanders that started blossoming in the town.
a photo of an oleander close up

a photo of oleander blossoms close up

a photo of an oleander branch that will start blossoming soon

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Puzzle Wednesday.

I think this one is easier than the previous puzzle. Any ideas what this is?
a photo of abstract red things

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The town.

Wow, six days, eh? Can’t help it: warm waters are finally here and my mermaid’s tail grew back again. I can’t take my camera to the sea as cameras don’t like salty waters.

Anyway, inspired by a Balkan expedition, run by a Russian blogger, I wanted to show you the town I live in.

Here we go.

The women at the end of the street are sitting on tiny stools. They are shop assistants who had no clients at that moment, so they were drinking coffee outside. As soon as I master the skill of photographing random people on the street, you’ll be able to take a closer look.
a view of a Montenegrin street with shop lines

Trying to master the mentioned skill.
a view of a street with people sitting near the shops

The sign says “Moscow”. I think it’s a rather unappealing name, as many tourists come here to forget the place even exists.
a view of a cafe called Moscow in Bar Montenegro

Here’s the beginning of my favorite street.
a photo of a sunny street in Montenegro

Here you can see why it’s my favorite one.
a photo of a street full of green plants

tall palm trees growing along the road shot in sunset light

These things are purple when blossom, and have the scent so strong and sweet that it makes you feel drunk when it gathers in clouds under your ceiling.
tiles with strange fruits

How many trees can you see here?
a building surrounded by and covered in plants

a photo of a palm tree surrounded by flowers

Sincerely Yours,
a photo of a photographer's reflection

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Puzzle Wednesday.

New photos are ready for the Puzzle Wednesday post. I know this time it’s hard, but let’s try. Any guesses what this is?
a puzzle photo with golden sparkles flying all over the place

a puzzle photo with golden sparkles flying all over the place

a puzzle photo with golden sparkles flying all over the place

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photo of a sunset with many clouds reflecting the light and the sea with mountain in the bottom of the shot

And it’s never the same.

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Grass perspective.

photo of a tree from the grass level with the focus on a tree

photo of a tree from the grass level with the focus on grass

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Leaves in light.

Our friend persimmon has grown.
small persimmon on a tree

Do you know what this one is? (I do 😉 )
a plant

Red leaves the names of which I do not know.
red leaves in sunset light

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Evening show.

sunset above the city of Bar Montenegro

I think it looks better in a bigger size, if you click on the picture.

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