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October mosaics.


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Bottles in sunlight.

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Ksenija the boat.

Every time I go to the port to take pictures of boats, I fall in love with a boat. I take a picture, bring it home, open it up and see that it’s Ksenija again.

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Always and everywhere.

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The eye of the Sun.

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Let’s go for a swim on the Moon.

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We are sitting in the clouds and talking as if you’re back and were never gone.

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Confused some jobs, mixed some skills.

A photographer can’t cook. Well, theoretically she can. Practically, though, the windows get steamed too quickly. A happy photographer will eat overcooked potatoes and everybody else who was hungry also will.

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While all his brothers, red and classic, followed traditional London routes, the bus carried hippies, crossed borders, went along mountain roads and came to the sea. The coast of Adriatic will be his final home.

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“Don’t play with food!” I wonder if they said so in Soviet Russia only? Anyway, do play with food! Put it on mirrors and get the right colors. Then eat it alone, facing the wall, because the process of consuming … Continue reading

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